Valley teen says she was hooked on synthetic marijuana

Synthetic drugs are legal to purchase and almost impossible to detect.

Authorities told Action 4 News that have seen a spike in the use of these drugs in the last few years.

"Students that I talk to have gone to the synthetic stuff because it doesn't show up on the test and it's easy to obtain, Ted Fernandez, counselor at the Palmer Drug Abuse Center, said. They can get it almost anywhere.

The number teens coming into the center addicted to these drugs is growing, Fernandez told Action 4 News.

"Synthetic or not there will still be consequences," Fernandez said. "They will still mess up your behavior and your attitude---it will change your character."

~Kayla TM, a teen from Hidalgo County, said she did not care about the consequences of smoking potpourri--she only cared about one thing.

"All I wanted to do was stay home, lock myself in the room, and smoke all day," Kayla said. "I didn't care what anyone else had to say."

The teen said she would go as far as smoking at school just to make it through the day.

"I would just go around school taking hits off of everybody," Kayla said.

The drugs eventually affected ~Kayla TMs TM day-to-day life.

She quit school, stopped hanging out with her friends, and started physically fighting with her parents.

"Before I started using I had a lot of respect for my parents. I never cussed in front of them and would never lay a hand on them."

It was those fights that finally made ~Kayla TM realize she needed help.

She has been sober for six months now and told Action 4 News, while staying sober isn TMt easy, she is learning how to cope with it.