Valley ties reported in deadly Zetas 'attack' near Houston

Four alleged Zetas drug cartel 'soldiers' are behind bars after carrying out an attack that left one person dead and a deputy injured just outside Houston.

It all happened on Hollister Drive near Bourgeois Road in northwest Harris County on Monday.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the shooting left one person dead and an undercover Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy wounded.

The Chronicle reported that officers with several local and federal agencies had an 18-wheeler with marijuana from the Rio Grande Valley under surveillance.

The newspaper reported that when several suspects in vehicles pulled up to the truck and opened fire.

The Chronicle reported that law enforcement officials exchanged gunfire with the suspects leaving a person in the 18-wheeler dead and a deputy shot in the leg.

The suspects were identified as Fernando Tavera, Eric Deluna, Ricardo Ramirez and Rolando Resendiz. All of them are belived to be Mexican nationals.

The Chronicle reported that some of the men admitted to be affiliated with the Zetas drug cartel.

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