Valley Toyota Dealerships Ready For Repairs

Toyota dealerships have been given the green light to fix sticking accelerator pedals, and already Valley Toyota drivers have been flocking to local dealerships for recall repairs.

"I think they're trying to correct the problem as fast as they can and as best as they can," said Alma Geary, a Toyota owner who came in for the pedal repair.

After hearing about the sticking accelerator, Alma Geary said she brought her car into the dealership for the repair.

Geary said the sticking accelerator problem does not shake her confidence in Toyota.

"I have never had any problems what so ever with mine," said Geary. "I love it, and I especially love the gas mileage."

Ronnie Bernal, General Manager of Frank Smith Toyota said Geary's reaction is echoed by other car owners driving in for recall repairs.

This weekend alone, Bernal said more than 150 people have come in to fix sticky accelerators with another 40 on Monday for the same thing.

"It's going really steady. We've got plenty of parts coming in from Toyota," said Bernal. "So far, this thing has gone a lot better than we anticipated."

Bernal said Toyota is sending out letters to vehicle owners about the recall fix, and car owners are urged to make an appointment to reduce wait times.

Action 4 also asked about the rumored Prius recall, but Bernal said their dealership is still waiting to hear from Toyota about a solution.