Valley truck driver killed in fiery East Texas wreck

Firefighters battling the fiery wreck that claimed Gabriel Ahumada's life

A family in Sebastian mourns the loss of their loved one killed in a fiery crash in East Texas.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers believe Gabriel Ahumada fell asleep at the wheel, but his wife is questioning it.

Dora Ahumada claims Gabriel was always a responsible driver who would pull over when tired. She is finding it hard to cope.

"I just couldn TMt accept it I was just crying and saying no no no this can't be. Its not him. You all made a mistake it can TMt be," said Gabriel TMs wife, Dora Ahumada.

When she saw a DPS patrol car pull up and park outside her home, she knew something was wrong.

"He had bad news and I didn TMt let him finish telling me the rest.. because I already knew what was going to be next after that," recalled Dora.

The state trooper told Dora her husband, Gabriel Ahumada, was killed in an accident early Thursday morning in Hooks, Texas just off Interstate 30.

Investigators said the 18-wheeler Ahumada was driving went off the bridge and landed on the road below. Flames then engulfed the rig.

Dora said she TMs in disbelief and says Gabriel was home just a few days earlier.

"He surprised us|he was out there honking the rig," remembered Dora.

She said everything seemed normal, but Gabriel kept pushing back his departure.

"I don TMt know if he knew something or sensed something, but he didn TMt want to go. He was holding me tight. Now that I think of it, maybe God gave him another chance to come spend more time with us, his family, before he would take him away," said Dora.

She said it's hard to believe he's gone, but Dora finds comfort knowing her beloved Gabriel is in a better place. Gabriel Ahumada left behind a wife, five children, and two grandkids.