Valley Valentine's: Love and Dollars in the Air

Valentine's Day sales remain strong in the Rio Grand Valley.

As motorists cruise down Ed Carey Drive in Harlingen, they can TMt help but notice a sign that says,Remember Valentines Day!

Although the country is in a recession, local businesses told Action 4 News that the economy is hot ruining it in the Rio Grande Valley.

Pam Fuller, owner of the flower shop Bloomer, said she has been getting the same amount of orders for Valentine TMs Day as years before.

"We're going to be busy, she said. Everyone loves their Valentine and so everyone always buys for their Valentine.

Fuller said she TMs had to make special arrangements for some customers but business is good.

A lot of people have even paid a little at once and then they come in and finish paying next week, she said.

Everything is selling from stuffed animals to flowers to candy and jewelry.

Fuller said her crew is gearing up for Thursday when many people come in with last minute orders.

"We're just getting prepared, getting our vases getting greens in them and then on Monday we'll get a big 18-wheeler refrigerated truck, she said.

The truck is expected to deliver hundreds of roses and other flowers that are expected to be sold by Saturday morning.

"We work all night long for probably two nights before Valentine TMs, Fuller said. Romance is going strong.