Valley veterans remember Pearl Harbor

Friday marked the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a day that should never to be forgotten."We should honor the memory of those soldiers and sailors that died on that day. Never forget," 84-year old WWII veteran Eriberto Rodriguez said. "We were not prepared at all for that."Rodriguez was just a high school student, living in Mission, the day of the attack.

Two of his brothers were soon drafted thereafter.

He soon followed their example joining the U.S. Army Special Forces at age 17.

His two younger brothers served following him.

"You got to pay the price for freedom, Rodriguez said. Freedom is not free."

Rodriguez's service is etched in stone near a plaque at the McAllen Veteran Memorial that commemorates the sacrifice he and his four brothers made.

A sacrifice Rodriguez says will be made by many more in the years to come.

"We TMre ready to go and fight again to defend this country, Rodriguez said. That's why this country is free, because we have so many good men willing to fight for the freedom of this nation."

The McAllen Veterans War Memorial is scheduled to be completed in March 2013.