Valley vets react to Osama Bin Laden's death

It was a name Jorge Pea said he heard on a daily basis.

"You have one single objective going in, said veteran Marine Jorge Pea. You hear this person's name over and over and over---I mean it's been about a decade since everything happened---but a decade--I will take that any day rather than nothing."

Pea said he and his company were the first to get sent to Afghanistan.

"When the World Trade Center happened my boys in the Bravo company were the first one's out in Afghanistan, Pea said. Anyone who watched the news at that time saw the LEV's rolling around---there was nothing but the Marine Corps up there.

Pea said all but one from his company came back.

"They died for a good cause, Pena said. Look at me I'm here as a business owner thanks to what my brothers went through."

Veteran Affairs Service Officer Felix Rodriguez said he has seen first-hand the pain that war can cause family and friends of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"We can actually hold our head up high and look at their family and say we finished what we set out to do, Rodriguez said.