Valley voters get ready: Political Forum underway

The political season is well underway, but before Rio Grande Valley voters head out to cast their vote, Action 4 News is giving the community an opportunity to hear from candidates first-hand.

The forum will be taking place at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance on Monday night.

Crews have been working long hours to prepare for the much anticipated political forum, where candidates running for Congressional Districts 40 and 15 will be on stage answering questions submitted by voters on

Audio chords are being run, lighting is being set and cameras are being tested to assure the forum runs smoothly.

Action 4 News is teaming up with News Talk 710 KURV, the Rio Grande Guardian and ACCT now for the event.

The second political forum is Wednesday, May 9 at Marine Military Academy in Harlingen for District 34 candidates.

Both events are open to the public and Action 4 News is encouraging supporters to attend.

The forum will be televised on Action 4, and stream them live on

Some rules that will be enforced at the forum are:

-No Balloons, Signs or Banners-No Food or Drinks-Water is Allowed-Campaign Shirts Allowed

Click here for more information about the event!