Valley woman fights the odds against cancer

Sandy Ann Padilla is an advocate for early breast cancer detection. At age 32 this mother of 3 told Action 4 she found a lump in her breast.

I would go to the doctors and they would tell me that it was nothing to worry about that it was just a cyst, recalled Padilla.

But somehow for Sandy Ann things just didn TMt feel right so she decided to have a biopsy done and discovered she had breast cancer.

The hardest part she said was telling her children.

I didn TMt know how to explain it to them but as the days went by it became easier because I tried to explain to them in their level and just telling them that mommy is going to be ok.

Unfortunately last year things only got worse.

I got diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer so I got a full as the years go by it attacks something else I TMm ready for it -- just remove it -- as long as they don TMt remove my heart I TMm fine."

Thankfully the brave fighter battled cancer and won.

She now shares her story to others in hope they'll seek early detection.

I think that some ladies are afraid to either check themselves, said Dr. Claudia Aguero-Vasquez. They TMre afraid that they don TMt know so they don TMt bother doing it."

Dr. Aguero-Vasquez explained education is key for survival and warns young women shouldn TMt feel immune to the disease.

A lesson Sandy Ann told us she learned the hard way.

Look they have given me 1 year and even would TMve of spread throughout my whole body but it TMs become years and I TMm still standing strong."

Today she proudly calls herself a cancer survivor!