Valley woman, husband murdered in San Antonio

Robert Snyder and his wife Beatriz Snyder were shot to death in their home Wednesday.

According to San Antonio police, a former business partner 50-year-old Billy Tran, shot and killed the couple.

Robert was 52 years old at the time of his death while Beatriz was 50 years old.

Tran is currently being held on a $1 million dollars bond on capital murder charges.

"She was my favorite niece," said Beatriz TMs uncle Oracio Ramirez.

As he held on tight to the picture of his favorite niece, he remembers Beatriz as a cheerleader, a happy girl, that was always smiling.

"She met Bobby, they got married and they went to San Antonio and they lived a wonderful life over there." said Ramirez. "She has a son Roger that lives with his father, a daughter that passed away a year ago from Leukemia and a daughter. She was a witness to the murder."

Investigators said the Snyder TMs 20-year-old daughter managed to escape through an upstairs window.

A third man, wrestled the gun away from Tran during a struggle but Tran ran off.

Police said they later caught Tran at a nearby shopping center with blood on his clothes.

Ramirez said the only thing on his mind is getting to San Antonio.

"We have to drive down to San Antonio for the burial because she is going to get buried with her daughter, the one that passed away, Ramirez said.

He said this is when family needs each other the most.