Valley's dirty little secrets exposed

'RGV's Hottest Teen Girls'

Dirty laundry is being posted all over the internet.

It's nothing new, but when there's a webpage dedicated to making people in the Rio Grande Valley look bad, that catches our attention.

Action 4 News found two different Facebook pages that you don't want to find yourself on.

Police tells us the people behind the comments could face charges.

It's a parent TMs worst nightmare.

They log on to Facebook and find their own children in the running for the 'RGV's Hottest Teen Girls.'

Whoever is behind the page, is asking the "cutest and hottest" teen girls in the Valley to send in their photos.

San Benito police say, not so fast.

"It's very common in the school setting, especially with juveniles. They tend to go out and blog and I've seen some very nasty comments being posted," said Detective Rogelio Banda.

He has seen this before.

That's because talking trash online is a crime.

'RGV Exposed' is all about that, allowing users to tell dirty little secrets.

"Parents should be more concerned with their children and monitor what they're doing on the internet," said Banda.

Making the wrong comments online could land you in jail on harassment charges.

As for the victims, the outcome could be devastatingly embarrassing.

If someone is bothering you online, file a complaint with police.

The lesson here, investigators tell us, you shouldn't say things online that you wouldn't say in person.

It could cost you.