Valluco gang members move from prison to the streets

Each one has spent time behind bars.

To be a full blown Valluco you have to have been jail or prison before, Gang Specialist ~Anthony TM said.

Their story is told by the ink on their skin.

The jail tower means he has already spent some time in prison.

The signs are not always easy to spot for the untrained eye|but for ~Anthony TM it TMs a piece of cake.

The palm trees, the number 22, and the name Valluco give it away, He explained. You have a full combination of the tattoos that you want to look for.

He said, Valluco bi-laws state that the gang operates only in prisons or jails. But over the years he has seen this gang transition from behind bars to the streets.

We start connecting the puzzle little by little and start realizing that they TMre not just a prison gang anymore, ~Anthony TM said. They TMre now wanting to get their gang into business and get linked with a drug trafficking organization across the border.

He said it is no longer just about protection behind bars"it is about survival---to show other gangs the Vallucos are here to stay.

Whatever the new trend is being trafficked they TMll do it just to try and get there hand in it.

As for the future of the Vallucos| TMAnthony TM said the numbers will continue to grow.

He said, if they establish a good connection with a drug trafficking organization across the border law enforcement can expect more violent crimes to be committed by the gang on this side.