Vandalized street signs cost Valley taxpayers thousands of dollars

They are stacked one on top of the other.

Dozens of road signs discarded behind the old Texas Department of Transporation (TxDOT) building in Pharr"useless after taggers vandalized them"costing the taxpayer thousands of dollars.

"You're looking at three thousand plus for each sign that we have to go and replace, Amy Rodriguez said. They are fairly new and we really didn't have a need to go out and replace them."

Rodriguez works with the Texas Department of Transportation. She said these signs have a lifespan of about ten years.

Rodriguez said many of the signs that were discarded had many years left in them.

"A lot of that money could've gone to maintaining the pavement on the roadways and not go to replacing a perfectly good sign," Rodriguez said.

Just recently, Rodriguez said, TXDOT replaced a sign near the 281 interchange in Pharr"after vandals covered the sign with graffiti.

She said not long after two more signs were vandalized. She said the cost of the sign and the equipment to put it up is so much that they will have to wait to replace them all at once.

"It will probably be done overnight because the process is lengthy and will be safer for the workers out there, Rodriguez said. We will have to close the main lanes and interchange connectors because of the work being done. This will be an inconvenience to the public."

On the bright side, Rodriguez told Action 4 News that these signs can and will be recycled.