Vandals beat pigs and destroy school property in Progreso

Students and parents are devastated to find their pigs viciously beaten by vandals who destroyed the Progreso High School TMs animal farm Sunday night. "I just cried my eyes out. I just couldn TMt stand it," said high school senior Jessica Zavala.

Jessica Zavala is referring to the damage left behind after an overnight break-in at her school TMs animal farm.

Zavala is Progreso High School's Future Farmers of America President.

She said the incident is heartbreaking.

"They whipped the pigs, they startled the pigs so none of them want to get near us," described Jessica.

She can't wrap her mind around how someone could be so cruel.

Jessica said all the students have become extremely attached to the animals.

"These animals have done nothing to them [vandals] and it TMs upsetting to us. To all of us because some of our animals got really abused," she said.

Jessica estimates about six pigs were brutally beaten.

The vandals also busted water pipes flooding half of the farm, shattered light bulbs and poured bleach all over the floors.

"I'm not sure who did it, kids or adults, [but] for the vandals to come in and injure our animals and damage our farm, all this is going to cost the school district money and it costs us, [the] taxpayers," said one parent, Rodolfo Zavala.

Zavala told Action 4 they'd like to see more done to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

Students and parents alike want those responsible for the damage and abuse to be held accountable for their actions.

Parents said they have put in a lot of money and elbow grease into the high school farm adding that pigs aren't cheap.

One pig can cost anywhere between $200 - 500.

Police are investigating the incident, which unfortunately happened while school was out on a holiday.

Anyone with information is being asked contact the Progreso Police Department at (956) 565-9266.