Varsity cheerleader with prosthetic leg feels excluded and bullied

Varsity cheerleader Alexandria Hernandez

She TMs on the cheerleading squad, but a San Benito student with a prosthetic leg does not feel part of the team.

Alexandria Hernandez may not be your typical high school cheerleader.

But it's not her missing a limb that has kept her from participating in events. She said it is her teammates.

Hernandez lost her left leg at age five to a disease, but that did not stop the senior from becoming a member of the San Benito High School varsity cheerleading team.

"She has a lot of things challenging her but it doesn TMt stop her, her uncle Noe Trevino said.

Her uncle said the journey on the team has not been easy.

"The first thing they told her, she didn't meet the criteria, and then I asked, 'what's the criteria on her since she has disabilities?' They did not have an answer and the board put her on."

Hernandez has a true passion for her school, the San Benito Greyhounds and her love for cheering.

Unfortunately, she believes her teammates are trying to exclude her.

"I feel left out and bullied," Hernandez said.

She said the team does not tell her about events or practices until the very last minute because they do not want her on the team.

Earlier this year, she claimed the seniors even took a team photo without her, and the image would later be used on t-shirts.

"I don't know why they do that to me. I find it not fair, like I TMm part of the squad. They should treat me like everybody, but they don't and that makes me feel bad, like I TMm not part of the squad, Hernandez said.

"I would understand if there's five or six girls in that picture in that picture, but its all of them except for her. I find it very wrong and the school hasn't stopped it, her uncle said.

The school district claims they are looking into the allegations of discrimination and bullying. A spokesperson said the allegations are taken very seriously and are working diligently to resolve the matter in question. "I want them to be changed and be nice to me, like I'm a human. They're humans and I just want to be accepted into the squad not like be an outcast, she said.

Hernandez has been part of the squad for two years, and she said it is a journey that is nothing to cheer about.