Verizon Wireless committed to helping victims of domestic violence

Verizon Wireless is committed to helping victims of domestic violence.

The company has a Hopeline Campaign geared towards collecting unwanted cell phones.

"What people do is they just basically come in they drop off their used cell phone, accessories or batteries, and we take care of the rest", said Juan Duran, Store Manager for Verizon Wireless.

In Verizon stores through out the nation and in the Rio Grande Valley you will find donations sites to drop off a used phone.

"We take all phones it doesn't matter what brand or what company the customers are invited to come in just drop them off and donate them ", said Duran.

Verizon started this campaign back in 2001 and so far has donated 300-million minutes to victims of domestic violence.

Rosalinda Rodriguez tells Action 4 News she knows first hand how a cell phone can make all the difference.

Rodriguez is a community education coordinator for Mujeres Unidas, an organization serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Rodriguez says having a cell phone is crucial.

"So we can give those phones to the victims that come in that need an emergency phone for back up safety reasons," said Rodriguez.

Victims sometimes need to get rid of their of their own personal cell phone since it may have GPS or their attacker already has the number.

"Because they will find you said Rodriguez," And when that happens we provide them with another phone."

So your unwanted cell phone could keep someone else safe.