Veteran says wait time at clinic is not bothersome

Ofelio Muniz counts his blessings. He survived his tour of duty and in his 70's is in overall good health.

"I suppose I'm one of the fortunate ones," he said.

He does have some issues that he has to see the doctor about so he visits the local VA clinic in Harlingen a few times a year.

Although lengthy he said the wait times have never really bothered him.

"I go in for blood work, check ups, dental. It's take about three months to be seen," Muniz said.

At the VFW Post where he serves as commander, daily conversations have revolved around the recent controversy surrounding VA clinics, their back logs and even about the deaths as a result of veterans being forced to wait so long for care.

"It's shocking," Muniz adds.

But even with an investigation underway, Muniz doesn't place blame on the local staff saying they are doing all they can with what they've been given.

As for possible solutions to long wait times, Muniz supports the vouchers to see physicians outside of the VA system and hopes his comrades, who are in serious need of medical care, get the treatment before it's too late.