Vets Honored with Parade at the Marine Military Academy

Veterans Day is marked with stories of pride, sacrifice and service at the Marine Military Academy's Annual holiday parade in Harlingen. The Iwo Jima Monument served as the perfect backdrop to celebrate the living vets who selflessly dedicated their lives to country. "Today it honors all those who have served in our armed forces, and are still alive and here," M.M.A Superintendent Colonel Robert Hill said. "It gives us a chance to recognize them." In a sea of servicemen, from all branches of the military in attendance, one veteran stood out. "I like coming here," Cynthia Kanach said. "I like seeing the parade, I'm proud to be a military member... and I TMm not afraid to say that." Cynthia Kanach is a retired member of the United States Air Force. For her, a career in the military was an obvious choice. Most of the important men in her life served before her. "My father is retired from the Army.... he was in World War II," she said. MMA cadets put their talents on display as a tribute to Kanach and others like Keith Blake who served 23 years-- also in the Air Force. He remembers his time in the Korean War on this day each and every year. "I was over there during the second year of the war and our outfit controlled all of the aircraft that flew over," Blake said. And while some served in war, others during times of peace, Veterans Day remains the one day set aside each year for them. Call it a way to say thanks to anyone who served to protect our freedoms.