Victim follows thieves after her purse was stolen

A woman who had her purse stolen followed the thieves until police were able to arrest them.

Arnold Pena allegedly stole the woman TMs purse from her shoulder as she was walking to her vehicle.

Pena then ran into a teal colored Ford Expedition.

The victim chased Pena and opened the vehicle door where she saw Almanda Jane Roman.

Roman and Pena both fled the scene in the Expedition and the victim proceeded to chase them down.

The victim followed the 22-year-old male and 18-year-old female.

The woman saw Roman and Pena at a local Cricket Store on Boca Chica Boulevard.

She then took pictures of the Expedition TMs license plates.

The victim identified Roman and Pena and they were arrested.

Though the victim was not injured in this case police never recommend that people chase after their attackers.

Roman and Pena are being charged with robbery, credit card abuse, and fraudulent use of identification.