Victim reveals new details in Harlingen kidnapping

Arrested Suspect: Primitivo Salinas

The victim in a March 9th kidnapping outside a Harlingen McDonald's told police new details about his ordeal during the wild chase that ended with a crash near Rio Hondo.

Court records obtained by Action 4 News detail the wild ride that the victim went on at the the hands of three suspects who are now behind bars.

Action 4 News is withholding the victim's name to protect his identity.

But the court records suggest the Brownsville man may have been targeted becuase of his brother.

Normal Breakfast

The victim told Harlingen police that his family had gone to a shopping center near Valle Vista Mail in Harlingen.

The man dropped off his wife at a nail salon and went to eat breakfast with his 2-year-old daughter at a nearby McDonald's restaurant.

According to the records, he bought a coffee for his wife and was carrying the cup in one hand and his daughter and car keys on his other arm.

He was outside the resturant when a routine breakfast turned into something more.


As he was holding his little girl and walking to his car, three armed men rapidly approached him.

One of the men grabbed his keys and the other two began beating him with handguns.

While attempting to protect his daughter, the victim tried to fight off the men but they continually tried to push him into his Escalade.

The victim was able to set down his daughter in the parking lot before the suspects fully pushed the victim into the car and sped off.

High-Speed Chase

While in the Escalade, one of the kidnappers continually beat him with the handgun.

The man removed the victim TMs ID card from his wallet and tied his hands together.

They called someone on a cell phone and told that person, "We have him. It's ***(name withheld)***'s brother."

At another point, the victim overheard one kidnapper say, Is he dead yet?......If he is dead, then throw him out.

Police caught up to the suspects who bailed out of the car and left the victim behind.

Police Charges

All three suspects were arrested and charged.

The little girl was being taken care of by a McDonald TMs employee before she was returned to her mother.

The victim sustained serious injuries to his face and legs.

Authorities are searching for the fourth suspect in the case, Jose Antonio Gonzales, Jr.

According to a report in the Valley Morning Star, Gonzales is the son of San Benito City Councilman Tony Gonazles.