Victim TMs family credits DA for Amit Livingston TMs arrest

Convicted killer Amit Livingston arrested in India

Nothing will bring back Hermila Hernandez or erase the pain the family has endured over the past nine years since her death but the family says they have now found peace in knowing justice will be served.

In Friday's press conference at the Cameron County Courthouse, Hermila's mother, Hermila Garcia thanked all the agencies involved in finding Amit Livingston.

But Garcia gave special recognition to Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz for making the arrest happen.

"We want to thank god for justice," Garcia said in Spanish.

Saenz said that from the first time he met Garcia, that he wanted to help.

"I saw the anguish in her eyes and the pain in her voice and I knew what had to be done," Saenz said.

Finding Livingston because a top priority for the D.A. TMs office.

"I have a picture of her and a picture of her daughter in my office as a constant reminder of what I need to do, Saenz said.

Ms. Garcia said working with Saenz was a stark contrast from her family's dealings with former District Attorney Armando Villalobos, who is now serving 13 years in federal prison for corruption.

"There was a huge difference. He chased us out of his office. He said we could leave the same way we came in, Garcia said. He didn't want to know anything about us or do justice."

Saenz said Livingston still needs to be extradited back to the United States but takes comfort knowing that he's behind bars.

"This is like my mother, and I committed to get him and I did," Saenz said.