Victim TMs family speaks after Rio Hondo man convicted of murder

Life could be taken away at anytime Denise Mireles said.She says she cherishes every minute she has with her little one, no moment should be taken for granted.Only in her mid-20's, Denise has already said goodbye to both her mom and dad.Her mom killed by Eric Christopher Gonzalez, her dad died of a 'broken heart.'

"It TMs not easy for us to relive this at the court. It was just like mourning my parents both of them," Mireles said.

The Rio Hondo man was convicted of murder Friday after he killed Denise during a high-speed chase on March 24th, 2011 at the intersection of Ed Carey and Highway 77.

The 34-year-old evaded police on a high-speed chase, which tragically ended when he killed Maria Osornio after slamming into the passenger side of the car she was in.

Javier Osornio sustained major injuries but Denise said the biggest pain for Javier was losing his wife.

"He was heartbroken. My mom was his partner, she was the one who helped him she was his better half," Mireles said.

A year and a half after the accident and a few days after the conviction, Denise said she's still searching for closure.Admitting that she feels guilty that Gonzalez will spend 50 years in prison because of his young age.

Adding at least he is still physically here--unlike her parents.

"My visit is to the cemetery, to a tomb stone for both of my parents, at least his parents can hug him, have a conversation with him, and I don TMt have that," Mireles said.

Denise said Gonzalez should pay for what he did, but said that's in the hands of the legal system.

Gonzalez's wife Nydia who was in the vehicle with him at the time of the accident will also be tried for murder.

The trial is set for August.

Harlingen Police changed their pursuit policy following this deadly crash.

The policy outlines how chases are started and how they are supposed to end.

According to the policy, officers can end a chase if it's deemed not to be safe due to weather or traffic conditions.

Chases can also be terminated if the suspect vehicle is too far away, the danger of the chase is greater than the value of catching the suspect or the suspect has fled into Mexico.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter