Victims identified in fatal accident at Brownsville Shrimp Basin

Crime Scene File Photo

Authorities have identified five people killed after an SUV plunged into 25 feet of water at the Brownsville Shrimp Basin.

The deadly accident happened at Zimco Marine off Highway 48 late Thursday afternoon.

Port of Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia held a press conference late Friday morning.

Chief Garcia said 56-year-old Juan Pablo Morales and 29-year-old Juana Edith Alvarez were the two adults killed in accident.

Alvarez's three children also died in the accident:

Jesse Alvarez, 10 years old Emily Espino, 7 years old Joe Alvarez, 4 years old

All five who died in the accident lived in Brownsville.

The SUV spent about two hours under water before cranes were able to lift it out.

Chief Garcia said the five bodies were found in rear of the Mercury Mountaineer as if they had attempted to get out through back door.

The 4-year-old boy was found strapped in a car seat.

Only a 14-year-old girl believed to also be Juana Alvarez's daughter survived the accident.

It's not clear how the teenage girl got out of the SUV but investigators report that she was rescued by a shrimper.

Authorities continue to investigate the accident but reported that the SUV was being driven in a parking lot between a building and the shrimp boat docks before it plunged into the water.

The Cameron County Sheriff's Department is taking over the investigation.

Sheriff Omar Lucio told Action 4 News that the 14-year-old survivor was driving at the time of the accident.

Lucio said the teenage girl manged to get out of the car through the driver's side door while the car was in the water but it was too late for the others.

Action 4 News also spoke to family members.

The the teenage girl's grandmother said the 14-year-old was getting driving lessons at the time of the accident.