Victims of House Fire Receive New Home

Navor Carpio and his family could not contain their emotions.

They told Action 4 News that people from all over the valley reached out to help replace the things that became ashes just days ago, four years of memories burned to the ground in a fire that engulfed the home.

"So many memories, Erica Tolentino said. Very sad."

The pain is still so fresh and surreal that the family spends time sitting outside their crumbled Alton home.

But through the ashes has come a ray of hope, a vacant home just down the street.

"I saw her and I told her ~Hey, can you rent the house for me? TM Carpio said. And she said ~yes, why not! TM

Carpio asked his neighbor how much the home would cost him.

She told him as long as he finds a way to hook up the water and electricity, he and his family can live in the house for a year, rent-free.

The couple says although it was tough losing their three-bedroom home, this new home is an upgrade with five bedrooms and an upstairs studio to fit their family of seventeen.

Generous Action 4 News viewers and neighbors also donated clothes, money food, and other furniture to the family.

"We are very grateful to everyone, Tolentino said. Especially the media and the reporters that have been helping us through this entire time."

The home is still under construction and will not be livable until the necessary improvements are made.

Clothing and money are still needed by the family.

You can reach out to them at 956-599-8185.