Video shows Gulf Cartel helping Hurricane Ingrid victims

The Gulf Cartel reported in a video that it provided relief to victims of Hurricane Ingrid

The Gulf Cartel claims it stepped up to help victims of Hurricane Ingrid after government officials failed to help in the natural disaster.

In a video released over YouTube on Saturday, the drug cartel claims it provided a convoy a supplies to people in Aldama, Tamaulipas.

The town of 13,000 people is located just north of Tampico, or about 250 miles south of Brownsville.

Classified as a Category 1, Hurricane Ingrid tore through southern Tamaulipas leaving a trail of damage and flooding.

The Gulf Cartel TMs YouTube video has been circulating on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook over the past few days.

Set to narco hip-hop music, the video shows pictures of a convoy of trucks filled with supplies heading into the disaster zone.

It's not clear if the goods were purchased or stolen but umbrella-toting residents are shown in a sepia-colored video getting the supplies from the trucks.

Mexican government officials have not issued a reply or confirmed the authenticity of the video.

The drug cartel claims it stepped in where the government failed to provide help.

Using a photo of Jesus, the cartel stated that they accomplished the mission.

Let him without sin cast the first stone, the cartel wrote in Spanish on another photo.

The cartel wrote on another photo, If they do it, it TMs because they have a heart.