Vietnam documentary focuses on local soldier

When we talk about the history of the United States, Hispanics should know they also played an important role in the freedom that this country enjoys.

A local director is trying to showcase just that. Roberto Collado was first contacted by PFC Mario Ybarra's son at a film festival.

After hearing the local soldier's story the director chose to highlight the Marine Corps life because of the transformation this man went through and all he suffered, from being a civilian in Weslaco, to going off to war, becoming a father and finally, dying during the line of duty while never meeting his only son.

"It's not a political documentary, although it does tough on political issues. It's more a spiritual journey that we are trying to tape through the first person narrative, says Roberto Collado.

The director also says he hopes the audience finds the documentary to be thought-provoking, and leaving you with an inquisitive urge

The "Yogi Project" is the working title of the film, which was Mario's nickname in Vietnam, when fellow soldiers couldn't pronounce his last name Ybarra.