Violent outburst for murder suspect at gulity verdict

Murder Victim: Mayra Oyervides // File Photo

Bailiffs had to restrain a capital murder suspect after a jury found him guitty in the shooting death of a Harlingen woman.

A jury in the 357th State District Court found Edgar Garces Diaz guilty in the death of 21-year-old Mayra Bianey Oyervides.

Diaz was one of four people involved in the crime.

Investigators said gunmen opened fire and were targeting the nephew of Oyervides' fianc but he fled inside the couple's apartment.

The jury found Diaz guilty of both capital murder and aggravated assault.

Judge Oscar X. Garcia sentenced Diaz to life in prison without parole for the capital murder charges and concurrent 20-year prison sentence for the aggravated assault charge..

Prosecutors reported that Diaz had to be restrained following a violent outburst just after the jury found him guilty.

The defendant TMs violent outburst in court following the jury TMs verdict only reaffirms the guilty verdict and sentence, Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said in a statement. He murdered a complete stranger in cold blood and deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.