Volunteer firefighters depend on training to stay safe

Elia Garza, Volunteer Fire Fighter

Elia Garza said when the call comes in she has to be ready to--no matter what.

"It can be difficult if we're working, but we manage to find a way to come and help and assist in anyway that we can," Garza said.

Garza has volunteered with the Linn-San Manuel fire department for 27 years. She said it is a job that does not pay in money--but in other ways.

"When we've done our best to get things accomplished it is a great feeling," Garza said.

She said she does not just 'show up' for her volunteer job--there is a lot of work that goes into being a volunteer firefighter.

"Every Wednesday we train on everything from driving the truck to being in the back of the trucks and actually fighting the fire," Garza said.

It is training Linn-San Manuel Fire Chief Mingo Hinojosa said is crucial...something they work hard to fund.

"We fund raise our money sot hat we can send the firemen to trainings," Hinojosa said.

Despite the hard work to raise this money--Hinojosa said training is not something he is willing to sacrifice.