Volunteer says immigrants are "human" and need help

Volunteers say the mothers and children should be helped after they cross the border

There's just enough room to store clothing and shoes and provide a place to sit and eat.

The Immaculate Conception Church in Brownsville has been serving as a temporary shelter for women and children who have crossed the border illegally and are being set free by Border Patrol because facilities in the Valley are inundated with hundreds even thousands of immigrants flooding the area.

Silvia Rodriguez has been helping out at the church all week.

"It's hard to see how they come. You see it on tv, but its worse when you see them in person."

Volunteers like Silvia clothe and feed the children who come here with their mothers and also provide a shoulder to cry on.

Silvia says these families are coming to the U.S. to save their lives.

"There are people who think negatively about this, but they're human."