Vote for the Pothole Patrol's next destination

The popular Action 4 News series 'Pothole Patrol' airs tonight at 10 p.m. but viewers get to choose where Marcy Martinez goes for next Monday's episode.

Nominee #1

Viewer Betty Rodriguez says potholes are a problem off Mile 17 North between Edcouch and La Villa.

She told the Pothole Patrol that that Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Office covers them but then come back worse than before.

We really need it fixed, Rodriguez wrote. Hope you can help us and getting some answers as to when they will repair the streets.

Nominee #2

Viewer Corrie Martinez wants the intersection of Roosevelt and International Boulevard fixed in Brownsville.

Martinez wrote that potholes keep getting filled with material that only lasts for a short while until it rains and then they become holes again.

This is a school road and main intersection, she said. This is unacceptable and is not taken care of because it is not in the best more modern part of town.

Nominee #3

Pothole Patrol fan Raul Garza wants the area around FM 1015 and Mile 9 North fixed.

He reports that the area lies in limbo between the City of Weslaco and Hidalgo County.

Garza said neither one wants to do anything about it.

Got potholes on your street? Let the Pothole Patrol know in our interactive form. Include a photo or video links, if possible.

Action 4 News will put it up for a vote.

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