Voters brave 100-degree weather at the polls

Triple-digit weather didn't stop voters here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Volunteers clutched water bottles and set up makeshift tents and canopies to stay cool.

Cameron County Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz said over 10,000 voters cast ballots during early voting.

According to figures, some 8,600 Democratic Party voters and 1,200 Republicans went to the polls.

By noon, just over 50 voters had cast their ballots at Burns Elementary School in Brownsville.

But Ortiz remains hopeful there will be a late push at the polls before the end of the day.

Voters like Kimberly Dale said the contested races are too important to ignore.

She came to vote in the Democratic Party primary for Cameron County District Attorney.

"I hope people think positive and have faith in our new district attorney that he's going to clean up our city he's going to do something good for our community so I hope that whoever wins if it's Mr. Masso or Mr. Saenz I hope they do a good job.

There are a 72 Democractic and 23 Republican precincts throughout Cameron County.

They will all remain open until 7 p.m. Tuesday for all registered voters to cast their vote.