Walk this way or pay a fine

Walking or riding a bicycle in the wrong direction could get you a ticket in the City of Palm Valley.

Homes in Palm Valley circle the golf course and for avid joggers and cyclists, it is the perfect place to get in a three mile workout while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Signs are posted and police will be ticketing if people do not comply.

It is a state law that if you are on a bicycle, you must ride with traffic.

If you are jogging or walking, you must do so against traffic.

Police said with so many people using their city streets to exercise, they have a responsibility to make sure everyone is complying with the law.

Signs are posted throughout Palm Valley and are hard to miss, and now they need outdoor enthusiasts to take the warning seriously.

Police said the signs have been up for two years and they will continue to get the word.

The signs went up after accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles.