Wall of Heroes comes to the Valley

Vietnam War veteran Robert Hernandez said he never lost hope.

Hernandez spent a year in Balboa Naval Hospital fighting for his life.

"Doctor told me I would never walk, so I called him a liar, so I started walking," Hernandez said.

It was during the Vietnam war when he got wounded.

"When I got hit I was totally paralyzed I was hit with a RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) in the head," Hernandez said.

It was during his therapy that he was able to overcome the odds - just like many soldiers did and are still doing, he says.

"I was in San Antonio. I seen a veteran with both legs amputated standing proud while he was decorated a purple heart. That is a good feeling; that is a soldier, Hernandez said.

Hernandez believes it TMs his turn to give back.

It TMs a tradition they always begin with a prayer.

Both Hernandez and Raymond Faulkner with the Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial travel all around Texas reminding many people not to forget those who have paid with the ultimate sacrifice their life.

"I didn't see any dignitaries, presidents or nobody come visit us so being a veteran of the military you learn to suck it up and get up," Hernandez said.

A 7-foot by 30-foot wall contains a total of 598 names of Texans that have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of those fallen heroes, some 588 of them are men and 10 of them women.

"Robert, I see my son on the wall and that TMs the feeling that I like that we like we are keeping these people alive for their families," Hernandez said.

Hernandez said it doesn TMt matter if they are Army, Navy and Air Force they are all a band of brothers.

The Wall Of Heroes will be shown at the 4th of July Celebration at the Brownsville Sports Park until midnight.

Other activities at the event will also include a concert, ceremony and a patriotic fireworks show.

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