Warning over: warrants issued on tax delinquent properties

Delinquent tax payer TMs property will be seized in Cameron County.

After several unanswered warnings, Tax-Assessor Collector Tony Yzaguirre's last resort was to issue warrants for seizure of property.

Accompanied by a sheriff deputy, he hand delivered the warrants to some of the most delinquent businesses in Brownsville.

Topping the list is Brownsville Doctors Hospital with a total of debt of $282,687.

Yzaguirre's team took inventory of property, which they will seize for delinquent taxes if the property owner does not pay.

"There TMs very expensive equipment, but we also noticed there's a lot of portable generators, portable MRI (and) there's portable air conditioners," Yzaguirre said.

The team TMs next stop was Mstat Imaging, LLC. on Central Boulevard.

The company owes nearly $23,500 in county, city and school taxes.

Yzaguirre said property owners have had more than enough time to settle their debts.

"The stories that we're getting is that they are going through reorganizations, sometimes they don TMt have an excuse, sometimes they blame the accountant, he said.

Bottom line, Yzaguirre said, is that the property taxes must be paid.

He says many municipalities depend on the tax-base generated, and it is simply not fair for a few to get away without paying.

"If that money doesn TMt come in, then the cities and the counties and school districts, one thing to do, is raise taxes in order to make-up the difference, and that's not right," Yzaguirre said.

The warrant distribution will continue in northern Cameron County.

Yzaguirre said they are giving property owners one last chance to pay once they deliver the warrant.

If you owe taxes in Cameron County you can contact Yzaguirre TMs office at 956- 544-0800.