Was security guard prepared for drive-by?

Security guards may not have the proper training or licensing to carry guns.

Speculation about a security guard TMs possible wrongdoing outside a Harlingen home targeted in a drive-by shooting last week, is ludicrous according to John Chambers, owner of the company, Border Security.

The Indian Lake police chief said guards had been on watch 24/7 at the Adrian Street home for about two weeks.

"Trying to discredit and somehow put the blame back on the security company or the victims, I find that very tragic," Chambers said.

The family received word of a possible home invasion, and the threat became reality Valentine TMs night. According to authorities, two masked men drove-up and opened fire. One of the targets was one of Chambers TM guards.

"He did an outstanding job, he's fresh out of the military," Chambers said. However some sources tell Action 4 News some of Chambers TM security guards don't have the proper training or licensing to carry guns and protect their clients. Chambers admits two of his employees were previously arrested by Department of Public Safety troopers for carrying weapons without having the proper identification, but said the charges against them were dropped. He adds all 100 currently active employees were required to complete a state mandated security guard training, even if some of them are active police officers.

Chambers said his guards do their jobs and even put their lives on the line.

"His role was to stop the attempt and he was successful in his role, Chambers said. He did exactly as he was trained to do - he responded to the threat and he secured the children to make sure they were protected."

Chambers said his security guards know there are dangers that come with the job and they take the proper precautions to stay safe.

"If (people) need to hire security obviously there's a threat or a need for security in most cases, Chambers said. I don TMt think the places we work at, are any more dangerous than bars or things like that." The home owner at the targeted home tells Action 4 News she TMll keep security guards at her home as long as needed to protect her family.