Water from Rio Grande forces six families out of homes

The water from the Arroyo Los Olmos seeped in slowly since Friday, but it didn TMt reach the homes on the Los Vela neighborhood until Saturday.

"We just got ready in case that the water might go up more," Viola Perez told Action 4 News.She lives just a few feet from where the muddy liquid stops.

Perez TM home is on higher ground, but the homes of her niece and nephew are right at the water's level.

"Of course were concerned about our area here, if it gets flooded, she said. But other than that is been alright. So far."

Emergency crews immediately took notice of the flooding.They blocked off access to the roads and went around to each of the families to collect information.

"It was just one of those circumstances where the flow of the arroyo wasn TMt allowed to flow because of the huge volume of water so naturally water has to travel," Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villareal said the only way to get the water out of the neighborhoods is to wait for the water to recede.

To help the affected families recover, he will be signing an emergency declaration on Monday morning.

"What we have to do at the city level is sign off on the declaration, the disaster declaration so homes like the ones we TMre mentioning can get government assistance to try and remedy and repair some of their loss," he explained.

In the meantime the ten families must find other places to stay.Perez's family can depend on each other since they are neighbors, and the flood waters haven't reached their doors.

For their sake, they are hoping it stays that way.