Water Restrictions Hit Weslaco

A hot and dry summer is forcing many Valley cities to adopt water conservation plans. Another mid valley community is asking residents to cut back on usage to help save this precious resource. A lack of rain is keeping things on the dry side for the Valley and city leaders in Weslaco decided to take action by enforcing stage 2 of it's water conservation plan.

At the present time we are at a critical stage, we felt that we had to enter to a stage 2 conservation plan to try and meet the needs of the citizens of Weslaco, said Weslaco Mayor Buddy De la Rosa.

Mayor De La Rosa also said the city has grown so much and this has left residents depending on low water pressure and cutting back on usage can be the answer.

There is a verbal warning, then their is a citation that is issued that TMs first violation, 2nd violation, so on and so forth. It can get up to 500 dollars said Mayor De La Rosa

Residents are allowed to use the water between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and will also be allowed to use the water outside for irrigation purposes but washing or changing pool water would violate the city TMs efforts to save this precious resource.

As for addressing the low water pressure issue in the city, the mayor says they plan on making some changes in their water system like drilling wells, increasing the water capacity at the treatment plants and build more ground storage facilities to keep up with the city's growing population.