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      Water tower fall victim remains in stable, but critical condition

      A 31-year-old man who fell at least 70 feet from a water tower remains hospitalized in critical, but stable condition.

      Officials are piecing together details to find out how the accident happened.

      San Benito City Manager Manuel Lara told Action 4 News that 31-year-old Hector Castillo of San Benito is the man who was injured.

      Castillo was working on the water tower with a company out of Conroe, Texas and after falling more than 70 feet.

      Lara said it's a miracle that Castillo is still alive.

      City officials said Castillo is in critical, but stable condition at the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

      Lara said castillo is a local crew member hired by Williams Precision Service to renovate the water tower on Williams Road.

      According to Lara, Castillo was in a motor box, unharnessed and some 70 feet above the ground to work on some of the logos on the tower.

      Castillo was headed back down when a cable snapped causing the box to tilt over and the 31-year-old man to fall.

      Officials said a pile of black sand material broke Castillo's fall and that may have been what saved his life.

      Lara told Action 4 News that the tower renovations are about 90 percent complete.