Water war continues in La Villa

La Villa city leaders

La Villa city leaders got an earful Wednesday night as residents packed into the small board room to sound off on the recent shut down of the school district's water after the bill wasn't paid in full.

"This isn't about us it's about the kids," said one parent who is also a teacher in La Villa.

In 2011 the city and school board agreed on a 6 dollar surcharge for each student, it was raised to 14 dollars at the start of 2013 and La Villa ISD refused to pay 8 dollar difference.

A whole year later, they owe 50,000 dollars.

Teachers, parents and students say it's the city's burden to take on not theirs.

Superintendent Narciso Garcia is confident the water war will be over by the time students enter the classrooms on Monday and if not he's hoping Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will step in to take over.

"Next Wednesday the TCEQ will meet about it and see whether they can make a decision."

Most of the residents in attendance don't want the school board to cave and pay the debt or the increased surcharge, but the mayor and aldermen are willing to meet somewhere in the middle.

"We will go down $4 to $10 each student," said the mayor who received loud sounds of disapproval from the crowd.

No decision was made at this meeting, but both the school board and city commission will face off on Saturday in hopes of getting the water restored.

"I still think $10 for a surcharge for each student is excessive," said Garcia.

The meeting between both entities will take place at 8pm on Saturday.