Way people vote in Hidalgo County may change in November

Hidalgo County voting

Many times there is a mad dash to the polls come election day.

Only for some to be turned away because they are at the wrong polling location.

"They always say the same thing, 'this is where I voted the last time, TM Hidalgo County Election Administrator Yvonne Ramon explained. What they don't realize is that they might've voted there, but that's where the entity decided to have a polling location. But maybe this is a county election and that school wasn't available for us so we changed the precinct, not because we wanted to change it but because we had to."

Ramon said they hope to change that with ~voting centers. TM

She said these centers would allow people to vote anywhere in Hidalgo County on Election day, not just in their precinct.

"What this pilot program will afford us is to vote at any polling location on election day no matter your precinct," Ramon said.

It is a program that has worked for counties such as Lubbock.

Ramon said she believes it will be just as successful here in Hidalgo County.

"It will help us increase voter turnout because of the accessibility and having the poll location available, Ramon explained. The ease of you not having to drive to a specific poll location, how can that be wrong?"

The Hidalgo County Commissioners Court has already given Ramon permission to pilot this new program.

She said she has already applied and is finishing up her research.

She hopes to get this program off the ground by November of 2013.

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