Weapon, cash and drugs found inside San Juan home

Police arrested a man in San Juan on Friday after they found a loaded gun, marijuana, synthetic marijuana and over $6,000 in cash at his home.

Officers went to the Stripes Store on 101 W. Nolana for a disturbance in the store TMs parking lot.

A woman told police she saw a bundle of marijuana being loaded into the trunk of a car.

A Canine officer responded to the scene to search the car and found 20 pounds of marijuana.

The man in possession of the drugs was identified as Fernando Rivas. Investigators went to his house and found several items:

-$6,100 in cash-Glock 27.40 Caliber Pistol with three magazines fully loaded-682 packs of bath salts and kush synthetic marijuana-8.8 oz. of marijuana-Two pounds of bath salts in a large bag

Rivas faces drug and weapon charges. He was on probation for previous drug charges.