Weather blamed for wreaking havoc in Willacy County

The below freezing temperatures we have experienced in the last couple of days are still causing havoc in much of our area from temporary outages to creating chaos on icy roads.

"The sun is shining and that's great. It hopefully will help us thaw out so we don't have to deal with ice problems tonight. But it is still very cold. The wind chill in Raymondville is making it feel like twenty two degrees which is very dangerous, said Frank Torres the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Dangerous is an understatement.

Layers of slippery ice closed roads in Texas Thursday night and well into Friday afternoon.

Raymondville Emergency Management Coordinator Frank Torres says officials responded to twenty major car accidents along Expressway 77, one of them was fatal.

"About seven we responded to a report of a major accident about five miles west of Port Mansfield. One vehicle rollover of three people. Two had been ejected from the vehicle. There was one who was deceased on scene, said Torres.

Adding to the problems was the high demand for electricity throughout the city.

Just about all of our areas has been affected with power outages. We had our nursing home here in town that lost power last night and our three detention facilities, added Torres.

Torres says to make matters worse; the city is bracing another brutally cold night with the wind chill readings between 15 to 18 degrees.

"We're understanding the temperatures maybe even lower tonight than last night because of clear skies, the drawback is we anticipate the demand for power is going to increase tremendously. That is why we are asking citizens to please help us conserve as much energy as possible, said Torres

Officials are also asking residents to try to stay indoors and keep pets safe.

As the city is defrosting, heavy ice is falling from power lines, trees, and icy conditions still exists on some streets.