Weather damaged home leaves elderly couple homeless

The Sanchez family has lived in this Harlingen House since the 1940's. Blanca Sanchez came from Mexico when she was 8 years old and this has been the only place she has called home.I raised my kids here, all of them were born here and raised and this house that my mom used to have and she passed it on to me, Sanchez says.On Friday the house wasn TMt able to handle the heavy rain and strong winds.In just minutes the house foundation shifted, parts of the garage ceiling collapsed, the porch separated from the entrance of the house and lost water, gas, heat and power.Sanchez wasn TMt in the house when this happened but her husband was.Thankfully he wasn TMt harmed but the same couldn TMt be said of their home.I started crying, when I came over here I found the house all messed up, the floors separated the back, some of it was just broken, Sanchez says. The American Red Cross stopped by the house today and told the Sanchez family it was too dangerous for them to live there.This is a news none of the family members expected."I grew up here you know, childhood, kid, everyone in the neighborhood, Gabriel Sanchez, Sanchez son, says. I am not worried about me, I am worried about my parents, my dad he is retired, he lost his leg to diabetes."At the moment Blanca Sanchez and her husband will be living at her sister TMs house but hope to live here again.My porch is no good, my house is all torn from the back and I want to rebuild it or fix what needs to be fixed, Sanchez says. Gabriel Sanchez tells us none of his five siblings nor him has money to pay for the reconstruction and need advice on what is the most affordable way to fix the house.Click here to follow Valeria Aponte on Facebook Click here to follow Valeria Aponte on Twitter