Weather pattern change to bring stormy outlook to Valley

After a week of nothing but cold and dreary, things are about to take a huge turn in the weather department.

A dynamic storm system is expected to make for potentially hazardous weather Tuesday evening through Wednesday before noon.

Today, we TMll see temperatures in the 60 TMs for highs, with winds finally changing direction from north to east.

That easterly wind flow will help to bring in moisture at the surface and raise humidity levels.

In the upper levels, a more complex pattern is in play.

Off west, there is a well defined upper level low pressure system that is really doing a couple things.

One, moving in moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere and streaming it over Texas from west to east from the Pacific, which will bring in some clouds today.

Two, as it approaches the area, we TMll see an increase in energy forcing air to rise, creating increasing chances for showers Tuesday.

By Tuesday evening and well into Wednesday midday, those will turn to a chance for thunderstorms, some strong with a slight risk of severe.

This will evolve over a good 24 hour period, so it TMs best to take proper precaution, and rethink traveling within this time frame across South and Central Texas.

Rain totals could range from tenths of an inch to more than an inch, depending on when and where these thunderstorms do occur.