Website enrollment glitches adds fuel to Obamacare debate

Users are reporting many glitches with the on-line system to enroll in Obamacare

The government shutdown is finally over and the spotlight is back on Obamacare.

Republicans expressed their concerns about the law before the federal exchange was even opened.

They did not like Obamacare in a box with a fox in a house with a mouse, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said.

The exchange is found at

It TMs a program where Americans can check to see if they quality for a subsidy and choose from health insurance plans.

Health Insurance Agent Erika Morales said the glitches have caused her company to completely stop enrolling clients.

It wouldn TMt make any sense to make them wait so long and then to not even be able to enroll, she said.

It normally takes her about 20 minutes to enroll someone through an established health insurance website like Humanas.

"Their systems were created years ago, Morales said. They have been put to use and they already have those glitches fixed where as this is a brand new website and it TMs nationwide."

It can take more than four hours to enroll through the exchange website.

Reports of people having trouble logging in, lost passwords or deleted accounts have caused the government to investigate.

In the meantime, the wait is causing some to seek health insurance outside of the government website which has led to some cases of fraud.

"I've been telling people to be very careful, Morales said. Don TMt just enroll in a plan just to have health insurance, make sure you know your options on the exchange and off the exchange."

She recommends people wait to enroll until the system has been repaired.

If you do enroll through the exchange, plans will not be effective until January 1st.

The deadline to avoid a penalty for not being insured is March 31st.