Wedding Season: Trends and Social Media Etiquette

Wedding season is well underway! But did you know, social etiquette isn TMt the only kind you have to worry about?

Social media etiquette has also become a huge cornerstone of weddings and bridal parties.

A new David TMs Bridal survey called The What TMs on Brides breaks down the stats.

It says, approximately 61% of brides forbid their bridesmaids from posting pictures of their dress on social media before the ceremony.

Another 52% believe the bride and groom should get first dibs on posting pics. And 59% will change their last name within 24 hours of saying I do.

Also, more than 80% f brides say their grooms are involved in the planning, and two-thirds will go groomzilla in at least one aspect of the wedding.

When it comes to the gown, David TMs Bridal says metallics, fit and flare, ball gowns, and organza are to sellers this year.

Also hot in the trend department is ruffles on both bridal gowns and wedding party dresses.