Weekend of domestic violence ends with woman being raped

Jose Cruz Jr. // Hidalgo County

A man is charged for raping and beating a woman after an argument about a photo of her at work was taken.

The argument started when Jose Cruz Jr. and the victim went to get dinner after she left work Friday.

Documents stated that the 26-year-old punched the victim in the face, head and stomach, causing bruising and swelling, as they drove.

Cruz continued to assault the victim after they got the food.

Once they arrived at a home, Cruz told the victim to go to a room.

According to documents, Cruz continued to argue with the victim, and then raped her.

The victim reportedly told the 26-year-old to stop.

Authorities said that Cruz stopped assaulting the victim when there was a knock on the door.

The next day, Cruz hit the victim causing her to bleed from her nose.

Authorities charged Cruz with bodily injury and sexual assault.

A total bond of $105,000 was set for the 26-year-old.