Wendy Davis claims she is working for rape victim's rights, Abbott is not

Davis spoke about three bills to help get justice for victims of sexual abuse

Senator Wendy Davis gave detailed and chilling accounts of two rape victims.

One a 6-year-old girl and the other a woman who was drugged and raped by her co-worker to highlight three senate bills she sponsored, to help get justice for victims of sexual abuse.

Senate Bill 1636 passed in 2011 and got 18,500 untested rape kits, throughout agencies around the state, off the shelves. Eleven-million dollars were secured to test them all.

SB 1191 ensures rape victims can get tested at almost any hospital in the state and SB 1192 requires victims be kept informed about important updates about their kits, as they go through the prosecutorial process.

"My actions as a senator, my leadership on making sure victims saw their cases brought to justice and that perpetrators of violent sexual assaults are being put behind bars - as governor this is the leadership I will demonstrate," Davis said.

Davis's camp just released a television ad in which they claim that when gubernatorial opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott served on the Texas Supreme Court, in one rape case he ruled in favor of a corporation instead of the rape victim.

Other justices - democratic and republican - ruled in favor of the victim.

"He is an insider looking out for other insiders, and not looking out for the hard working people of the state," Davis said.

Action 4 news reached out to Abbott's camp and a spokesman said this add is inaccurate.

He added Abbott sided with the corporation because the alleged rapist was an independent contractor.

Politics aside, Family Crisis Center Executive Director Cynthia Catching TMs, is hoping Davis' appearance at the center will bring new awareness to this ramped problem in the Valley.

Last year alone the center had 514 rape victims - 406 adults and 108 children.

"We are supporting closure of criminal cases and bringing criminals to the justice they deserve," Davis said.