Wendy Davis visits students and faculty at UTB

A group of university professors and their students sat down with Senator Wendy Davis.

The state doesn't elect a new governor until next November but the race is already well underway.

Running for the democratic spot, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was in the valley campaigning on Election Day.

The Texas senator is focusing her visit to the Rio Grande Valley on education, meeting with both students and their professors at UT Brownsville.

A small group of university professors and their students sat down with Senator Wendy Davis.

"I'm a student, like many of the students here, who is a first generation of college students, Davis told them.

As the cost of education skyrockets, Davis shared how scholarships made her education opportunities possible.

"I was able to close all the gaps without taking out a student loan for college and it made it possible for me, Davis said. I know that today in Texas those same possibilities aren TMt available for many students coming from the same challenges I came from and it TMs my mission to make sure we do a better job; it TMs my number one goal."

Davis says employers are concerned the Texas education system is not on track to meet the high demand for skilled jobs.

"We are hearing concerns about the capabilities of our workforce and what is being delivered in our public education system."

Often a forgotten corner of the state, those present were happy to see Davis interested in their own communities issues.

"I found her very interested and open, wanting to listen to find out what things are like in Brownsville, said Mark Kaswan, a UT Brownsville professor of government.

"It means a lot to see her interested in the region, what TMs going on in schools here, UT Brownsville grad student Karen Pimentel said.

Studying women TMs rights around the world, Pimentel says she has closely followed Davis since her filibuster over Texas House Bill Two this past summer.

"I support what she did. She stood up regardless of the risks in what she was doing. She is just a wonderful role model and I think complimenting what I TMm doing with my thesis of women TMs rights in the Middle East, it TMs exciting to look at women TMs rights in Texas," Pimentel said.

Tomorrow the senator will be meeting with superintendents from across the valley to discuss education needs here in the valley.