Wendy's manager indicted for sexually assaulting employee

The scandal at a local fast food restaurant continues to unfold.

Its what was allegedly happening behind the scenes between certain employees that now has a grand jury involved.

This all came to light after a 16 year old said the boss went too far at a Brownsville Wendy's Restaurant on Boca Chica back in October of 2011.

Action 4 News has learned the case has gone before a grand jury.

According to court documents, the manager Carlos Castillo penetrated the teen.

He was indicted on two counts of sexual assault of a child.

The indictment came down March 28.

Wendy's responded to the allegations made by the teen's attorney.

According to Exelco, the company that owns the franchise, "Wendy TMs prohibits any form of harassment and the company provides training to management staff, regarding sexual harassment."

The company also acknowledges this is not the first time allegations like these have come up.

That just adds to the case, according to the teen's attorney.

"We know that there have been several instances of rapes and sexual torture by managers, and supervisors of Wendy TMs and we're going to take the discovery and get the sworn statements and get to the bottom of that we know that our government has told us our supreme court has told us that corporations are people and it's now time for the criminal laws to be applied to corporations like they are to people," said Robert Collins, attorney for the alleged plaintiff.

The defendant was immediately fired after the powers that be at Exelon got wind of it.

The Wendy's restaurant was shut down in March.